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The Lost Galaxy is a Nexus RP group production. This deviant art group serves as a gaming group that is dedicated to quality science fiction role-play that incorporates a comprehensive storyline and the associated visual art. We welcome role-players with an open mind and an adventurous soul to join us as the story of the Lost Galaxy is told by its participants one DA submission at a time.

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What is encouraged:

RP interaction with each others factions, and characters.

Participation in the events taking place.
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 7, 2014


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Science Fiction RP

21 Members
34 Watchers
8,603 Pageviews
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:iconancerious-galactic: Ancerious-Galactic The Galaxy Awaits

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After a few years the core rules of The Lost Galaxy Role Play have been condensed and simplified; the following are the eight rules and five guidelines that have been distilled from the original Nexus Forum rules. - TKG


The Lost Galaxy – Primary Role Play Rules

1. Creating your faction
Anyone can ask to join the Lost Galaxy Roleplay as an original science fiction nation or as a individual character within the continuity. Additionally, players may import part or all of an existing outside faction with the clearance of administrators or may make a reiteration of an outside faction they own for specific use in our continuity.

Administrator's Note: It is important to note that just because your imported faction is the king of the hill in its native continuity it does not mean they will be in TLG. This is especially true when a player decides to import a faction from a known and existing franchise.

2. Timing:
The Lost Galaxy roleplay exists on a 4:1 ratio timescale. This means that one year in real life is four years in-game or on a smaller scale one in-game year passes per three r/l months. Yes this means time passes fairly quickly but it also means that players are responsible for keeping track of the dates and times they put on their journals and posts.

3. The Continuity
The Lost Galaxy is give or take a closed continuity role play which means that what happens in our role play stays in our role play. There are no outside influences, by time travel, extra dimensions, or galaxy spanning species paying visits. The focus of the role play is in a sliver (about 10%) of the existing galaxy but at a later time this sliver may be added to for the purpose of accommodating new players.

4. Faction Warfare
Players are allowed to control up to two nations in our role play however, should a single player’s nations be directly in conflict with each other the resulting role play will be treated with less legitimacy than if the given player had engaged another player in conflict.

Administrator's Note: This rule exists to prevent a single player from benefitting unduly from past, present or future conflicts between two factions/nations he or she controls. If a player were allowed full credit for such a conflict then it could be possible for the player to attempt to claim an undue number of vessels in the warship allotment for example.

5. Player Conduct
Regardless of what is going on in the role play or in real life remember, we are all here to have a good time. Always treat others as you would prefer be treated and think first before you hit enter in chat as text has a way of making the intention behind your words hard to determine. If you have a disagreement with another that cannot be solved readily do not hesitate to request mediation.

6. The Double-Verification Rule
Often the question of if or if not a role play unit exists hinges on if it has an artistic representation. In TLG however we believe that if the player can provide a reasonably detailed literary reference then a visual representation is not explicitly required. However if a player wishes to do both a literary and visual representation this is considered to be even better. With that said, we ask that the players refrain from plagiarism and outright theft of art.

7. The Skype and Discord Chats
Please request permission from the Administrators before adding anyone to the Lost galaxy Skype chats or to our Discord server.

8. Assets for New Players
Due to popular request, the following documents have been updated and consolidated. All new players must complete them prior to any RP in the group.

The Colonial Information Sheet:…
The Colonial Force Declaration Sheet:…
The Empire Construction Kit:…

The Starship Scale Standards

The below chart shows the maximum size a players vessels can by by classification. The alternate classes refer to alternate types of vessels that can be made within the given primary types. The restrictions section simply indicates that production of the given unit  is either restricted (very low numbers) or limited (low numbers) relative to the unrestricted types. A player may declare any vessel they own of any classification to be their fleet flagship, or they may design a custom flagship that is considered unique, and is a class unto it's own (up to 15km) with administrator permission. Exodus vessels and Generational Colony vessels tend to also fall into the same size scale as a unique flagship and are subject to administrator review before their use in role play.

Class       | Alternate Class | Restrictions   |  Max. Dimension-Metric/Standard |
Gunship     | Sloop           | Unrestricted   |  25-100 meters   /   82-328 ft.
Corvette    | Escort Corvette | Unrestricted   | 100-250 meters   /   328-820 ft.
Frigate     | Patrol Frigate  | Unrestricted   | 250-400 meters   /   820-1,312 ft.
Destroyer   | Escort Destroyer| Unrestricted   | 400-600 meters   / 1,312-1,968 ft.
Cruiser     | *               | Unrestricted   | 600-1,000 meters / 1,968-3280 ft.
Carrier     | Light Carrier   | Limited        | 1-5 km           / 0.62-3.1 mi.
Dreadnought | Fleet Carrier   | Limited        | 5-8 km           / 3.1-4.97 mi.
Battleship  | Battle Carrier  | Restricted     | 6-10 km          / 3.73-6.21 mi.    

*Alternate classifications for the cruiser include Point defense cruiser, Armored Cruiser, Protected Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser and Light cruiser and troop ship.

If you have any trouble with any of these things don't hesitate to ask an administrator.


Role Play Guidelines

1. The Current Date
January 1 108 AE (In character) / April 1 2017 (In real life)

2. Superweapons
Superweapons are not allowed in The Lost Galaxy.

3. Interaction
Although in past this has been an unsaid guideline it is as of this posting formalized. Treat others as you would prefer be treated. There is no need for unwarranted rudeness, personal attacks or unjust criticism just for the purpose of insulting or degrading another player.

4. Ancient Races & Technology / Native Races
For the sake of keeping the game simplistic TLG does not currently allow player controlled or non-player controlled ancient races, however players may request to role play as a native race to the galaxy pending review. The recovery and re-purposing of ancient technology will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the admins for the purpose of maintaining play balance

5. The use of Deities and Religion
Simply put, your faction may have whatever religion they choose however; having a deity on hand to smite other players is not allowed. Any deities relevant to your faction can be referenced but may not have an active appearance in rp nor any direct role in the course of said rp.
More Journal Entries

The Fox S A.


For the moment, global style Journals have their own section, for now. Faction internal journals should be placed into your faction folders.

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