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The Lost Galaxy is a Nexus RP group production. This deviant art group serves as a gaming group that is dedicated to quality science fiction role-play that incorporates a comprehensive storyline and the associated visual art. We welcome role-players with an open mind and an adventurous soul to join us as the story of the Lost Galaxy is told by its participants one DA submission at a time.

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What is encouraged:

RP interaction with each others factions, and characters.

Participation in the events taking place.
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Science Fiction RP

18 Members
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It was nearly a day and a half into the Conference before the Coalition Delegation arrived at the meeting. The rooms were comfy, plush even, and catered to the species and culture of each diplomatic group that stayed. The rooms had three to four beds each, with an extra room if needed for each delegation if gender boundaries of species boundaries required. Food and Drink were free and there were alcohols from across known space, even from places the great Coalition trade networks had yet to reach in their expansion into space.

Of note, the Commonwealth was the first member of the conference to be politely requested up into the upper reaches of the three story structure... However, once they were escorted down into the main hall once more... a few minutes later, a slim fish-feline - denoted as one of the slim bodied, fair "Sixers". His hide was a fluorescent blue with yellow stripes and brilliant scarlet accents. He was clothed in soft, flowing clothing that seemed to float and ripple like the waves the aquatic being once swam through. He came to attention, right hand coming to his left breast, and a slight bow.

"I am Ensign Second-Class Shoalswimmer. The Coalition Representatives have requested your party's presence on the third floor, at your leisure." His fins seemed to twitch and glow in the rustic lighting, with his smooth hide shimmering against the flickers of light as well, showing the almost infinitesimally sized scales that were so smooth they seemed to be regular skin. The spines on his fins were all capped with a shined brass tip to keep the neurotoxin safe from careless pokes and touches.

When he received the Rahduvian's response he gave a gentle nod, "If you will follow me," Before turning and starting up the stairs to the third level, where a pair of sixer guards would be waiting and protecting the entrance to the third floor. The two guards would admit him and the delegation.

Sitting at the end of the cozy little meeting room was a Gadzu, Shurya Koronikov smiled to the man with a pleasant grin;
"I trust you have been having fun down below with all the other members of the delegations?" She sat up in her tall chair and motioned to the others entering with the Rahduvian. "I am High Admiral of the Grey Shurya Koronikov, I command the Grey Fleet. Also known as the Industrial Fleet." She motioned to the others around her.

"I am pleased to introduce you to Kontradmiral Isimil El-Kuduv..." The slim Grey furred Brimknole, with subtle blue-grey oily hued markings gave a polite bow in his chair. "And Echar, Verrin, Zach, Pax, and Carr Valen, of Roost Shimmerfeather." The five Grizz were arranged about another chair, all five heads tracking the members of the Tenebrae delegation at once as they entered. As one, all five raised a left wing to wave to the Rahduvian and his fellows.

Shurya waved to the end of the table, "Please, have a seat." She nodded to the Sixer who had brought the group upstairs.

"Thank you, Ensign Shoalswimmer. You may return to your post." The Sixer went to attention, crossing his arm across his chest with a slight bow before hurrying downstairs. She looked them over before reaching forward to a decanter on the table and poured herself a glass of an emerald colored liquid, taking a sip. Another decanter was at the Tenebrae Delegation's end of the table and the same drink was within. It was somewhat like "Fireball" Cinnamon Whiskey.

"I apologize for the wait. I've been tackling a rather unsavory bit of chaos in the southern reaches. A Serian League incursion into space patrolled by the Grey Fleet and Coalition Revenue Cutter Service. It has, alas, been rather bloody. That, and I was hoping the brief respite amongst your fellow Delegations has fostered negotiations and talks between your groups quite well? I sincerely hope so, while this was a meeting for like minds to come together, we were also hoping to foster improved negotiations between the various races and factions inhabiting our tiny little part of space."

Almederian would have been by the fire idly chatting with his associate Tenebrean Representative Copan when Shoalswimmer came up and requested their presence. the Tenebrean and the Rahduvian looking up at him from their warmed drinks and their conversation on expansion of trade routes past Cacean attempts to intercept convoys.

"of course." said Almederian. "Lead the way." Said the Rahduvian hybrid as he rose from his chair in his diplomatics uniform with a slight stretch, Copan doing the same, before motioning to Rila, who had at the time been speaking with the Saurian That had escorted them to the inn, Speaking to him over the course of time that they had been there, and learning from her conversation with him aspects about life in the coalition. To be applied to later discussions with her fellow representatives. Caldus did not follow, Already speaking of Alliance points with another party.

the Female Rahdonian would have joined them, after rising and thanking the saurian for his time and company. Perhaps even giving the saurian a slight nuzzle out of sight. the Delegation following the Sixer up to the third floor of the Building. Though they had been up to the second floor to visit their rooms the night before. Finding the accommodations comfortable. The three male delegates sleeping on the beds, Or rather Almederian and Copan did, While Caldus simply meditated for the night. Rila taking the extra room for herself.

As they Entered, Each took looks at the members of the Coalition Representatives. Following the introductions of the Huge Gadzu named Shurya, of hirself and the other members sitting around. Almederian raising his hand to wave back at the grizz. Copan pausing a moment, looking at the small gryphon like creatures before doing the same. The Three attending members of the Tenebrean delegation going to their chairs and taking their seats, listening to Shurya as she explained on their lateness.

Almederian spoke first, rising from his seat. "Its understandable Admiral Shurya. We've only heard of these warships of the Serian league through reports that were passed back to us from he units that were present at the first delegation between the empires. From what we understand. they're difficult to engage and don't hold off on vicious attacks. We've fought the Caceans for a long time as well and they hold little back as well. We understand the delay. but We thank you and your people for the hospitality you've given us."

"Indeed." Said Copan, speaking up from next to the Rahduvian. "The rooms and the beds were notably comfortable."

"They were." Said Almederian after the Tenebrean had spoken. "And it has, One of our fellow delegates, Caldus. is not here at the moment, as he is already in talks with one of the Delegates from another of the empires that were present. So, yes. Negotiations are doing well." the hybrid continued, his armored frills going down slightly in thought. Before sitting back down.

Shurya nodded quietly, "That is good. Yes, the Serian League are a constant thorn and threat in these times." She rubbed the bridge of her muzzle, long ears bobbing gently on the sides of her head. "The Sisters know I'm getting far too old for this anymore and there isn't any retirement in sight." She sat up and nodded. "Right then. At the moment, the Serian League is currently busy with the Coalition and Commonwealth. They've been probing our trade routes and feeling out where they go, which means eventually they will find your peoples both on our side and against us." She scowled softly, "That means we have to move with some expedience if we are going to secure your people's borders." She smiled softly.

"You see, the Serian League, and their IDI masters prey on factions powerful enough and in opposition to the National Powers. What do you think would happen if the Serian League sought out the Caceans and decided it was in their and the IDI's best interest to ally? A trade of some technologies to the Caceans and access to some shipyards for the Serian League? The Serian League access to your battlefronts and the trade route supplying a significant portion of goods to your nations? You would have a Rejuvenated Serian League to deal with, and a bolstered Cacean threat to oppose. Do you think you could stand against that?"

She motioned to the Brimknole; "Kontradmiral El-Kuduv, If you could continue?" The Grey Brimknole nodded and motioned towards the center of the table where a round section of the table rotated and turned into a Holo-Projector. With a soft *pop* the globe like projector energized and projected a holographic representation of the Coalition and the fragmented ex-tenebrean territories. "We have the Third Fleet that was recently released from escort duties by Second. We have a month of down time and repair time for Third Fleet." He motioned to the hologram as icons shifted and colors representing fleet control over subsectors shifted and changed.

"What we are proposing is shifting the Third Fleet and the..." He paused and checked a tablet, "Well, what is going to be the remains of the Jakeili Council Flotilla." He winced as something updated then looked back up to the Rahduvian and his fellow diplomats; "Shifting the forces to assist your forces in taking out the Cacean forces and securing your space. We have two High Council members; Roost Shimmerfeather..." He motioned towards the five Grizz, "And Cyzorne Sweep Council." He motioned to the Gadzu. "That should be enough to send out the fleet, and I have control over the Jakeili Council Flotilla. What are your opinions?"

The Tenebrean delegation sat, The three members listening with intent to what Shurya detailed in her words. Almederian reaching up slowly with a hand to rub the armored bridge of his muzzle in much the same way, The Rahduvians Armored Frills lowering as the implications of what she was saying settling heavily on him. A Quick glance at his fellow Representatives telling him that the potentials that she had described were hitting a little to close to home for comfort. Copan sitting back his chair, his feet set. his mouth a thin line against his face. While Rila did perhaps the best of all of them, her features well developed and set.

After a second spent absorbing what had been said First by Shurya, and them by  El-Kuduv with visual aid presented by the holo projector. The Rahduvian nodded, Having taken in all the potentials and information and logging it away in his notably sharp memory.

“the image of potentials you’ve painted can only and can at best be painted as grim. miss Shurya.” He said, nodding quietly. “In any other circumstances we would have to cast some doubts of judgement on the asessment of the serian league as an immediate threat to the Tenebrean territories and disputed regions…” He paused. looking at the others for a moment. “However, We can’t ignore the reports from the units we sent. The Serian league is a very real threat much like the Cacean Alliances C.A.A.F. forces We can’t Take the risk of the league doing what you said.” He paused as Copan spoke up.

“Fighting a Bolstered C.A.A.F. Front would cause us enough trouble, but to have the war evolve into a Two fronted one even with The Rahdonian clan Fleets support being able to maintain a stalemate would be up in the air We can’t take that potential risk, However, although we have seen first hand these reports of the serian league there may still be elements of the central councils chain of command that will need convincing, i myself have certain doubts about the prioritizing of the league above the Cacean alliance, But if you are offering support i am inclined to accept on the part of the tenebrean interests, with some assurance that Tenebrean units remain under tenebrean control...” Said the Tenebrean Rep, leaning forward slightly in his seat, slightly sunken eyes regarding the council.

“Of course....” Almederian chimed in. “As We do have a representative present for the Tenebrean military, and me and Rila represent the Rahdonian clans We are within our authority to accept the bolstering and the support of the Third fleet and the council flotilla remains. I intend to do so as well..” The Rahduvian went on.

“i second this.” Said Rila. “The Zlato Clan Legion fought the serian league on the ground in your system, We have authority to pursue support if offered.” she went on. “To Shimmerfeather and to the Sweep Council, the Rahdonian people will accept this openly. however the prospect of moving your forces and their application of them to the front will have to be discussed further...”

Shurya nodded quietly, listening to the comments, support, and also the questions... spoken and unspoken. "I realize that the Serian League may not seem like a big deal. We've plugged the rift, but the key behind the Serians is not their capabilities now, but what -could- be. They could be doing the exact same thing you are doing right now... but with Cacean Alliance leadership." She shrugged.
"As for commands, your forces would remain entirely under your command. Coalition Forces would remain under the command of Coalition Officers and Council Officers, but under the direction of your local Commanders. I know vaguely what is going on, in all reality, in your space... therefore it is more reasonable and smarter for people who -know- what is going on." She motioned towards the group, "To handle in-theater operations."

El-Kuduv nodded next, "I am forced to remain here, being second in command of the Grey Fleet under Admiral of the Grey Koronikov. Kontraadmiral Basira El-Fanri will be taking the Council Flotilla north. I believe High Matriarch Dara will be taking Third Fleet up as well?" He inquired, looking at the Grizz of House Shimmerfeather for confirmation. They nodded in that eerie 'as one' nod. He looked back to the Delegation. "Do you have anything?"

Almederian sat listening at his seat. listening, in specific to the members of the coalition delegations. nodding at their points and weighing them.

“it is for that point exactly.” He said, chiming in once El-Kuduv had finished speaking and asked if he had any more points to cover.

“That i shall remain here, for as long as i can, to act as liasion between the coalition and the rahdonian fleets. Rila an copan should return with those of you that can to speak with the rahdonian and tenebrean leadership proper but i believe that the garantee of control should ease up most parties concerns.” He said, pausing to look at his other delegates, seeing if they had any stances of their own to put forward.

Copan spoke first. the tenebrean raising a hand slightly to signal that he had a point to speak.

“I still hold some skepticism on the topic of this, Serian league. But if almederian sees it fit to follow i wont complain. it is a point that the cacean alliance has started to send out scout fleets in the last year, We have to consider every option.” He said, shrugging.

“Adding more to the fact is that your stratigically correct, a two front war would be disasterous, so i will stand by any point you bring up when your representatives speak to our center council."

Rila spoke next, the rahdonian female leaning on her elbows slightly where she had her arms folded on the desk in front of her. “you already know my peoples stance on the topic, having encountered the league combat wise the threat is much more real to the clan leaders...”

She paused. “i would only request that the saurian that acted as our guide to the meeting point return with me when the time comes as well your representatives. We have developed a bond of communication that may help the political process and image of alliance well among the clans. if it is possible.” She added.

(To be continued...)
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